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My Pastor was so happy, and the
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Customer Testimonials!

To help with your plaque design and plaque wording, here are Bible verses to use on your personalized appreciation, award, and recognition plaques.

Please note that we have divided these up by specific words, in order for you to find just the right Bible verse for your own plaque. We think you'll find this a wonderful resource to help you design your personalized plaque, and like us, you'll be amazed at so many wonder verses that are perfect, that “just fit,” to add to your own words of love and appreciation.

While, yes, it adds so much to place a verse that matches your plaque idea, please remember that all of us have favorite verses, verses we often quote and use.

For example, a verse we always use, and in fact is printed on our own personal mailing address labels, is Hebrews 6:15: “And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.”

Another verse we use, at every opportunity (emails, letters, etc.), and which forms part of our business credo is Genesis 12:3: “And I will bless them that bless thee.”

How wonderful it would be, how we would feel, if someone presented us with a plaque which had one of these verses! I know how we would feel, and we mention this only as an example of how meaningful and powerful this idea is.

So, we invite you to enjoy these verses, and experience their power … and fall in love with these Scriptures once again. We did. Note that in many cases, we used part of a Scripture, in order to glean the meaning as would pertain to this particular purpose; in no way are we “taking away ” or “removing” or “taking out” Scripture. For instance, if using Romans 1:16, we may just use the “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ” to make a statement/proclamation to go along with a particular text or graphic/picture (which, by the way, is really a good idea) … We trust that you'll be blessed, and these verses will not only encourage you, but will further enhance your own ideas for your plaque design.

How much text, how many words, should I put on my plaque?
For proper spacing and overall appearance, it is always best to engrave a reasonable amount of text.
A general rule is that fewer words give more weight to the words used, making the words, and their meaning stand out. Your text should not appear to be crowded, in order to make the overall appearance of your appreciation plaque more elegant, and certainly more “readable.” Always remember that when others read your special plaque, after it is displayed at that “special place,” they will usually have only a few moments to read the entire plaque, and you want them to be able to read it all!
Just think about the times you are visiting someone, and you see a plaque on the wall, desk, or shelf. You normally will notice the “5 W's” we’ve all learned:

1.Whom the award plaque is given.
2.What special event or occasion is being honored.
3.Why the recognition plaque is being given.
4.When the plaque was presented.
5.Who the appreciation plaque is from.

They will also, always notice any special Scripture verse you’ve placed on the plaque, and they will ponder the verse, especially in light of the “5 W's”!
What they read will stay with them … the fewer words, the more they will remember.

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Blessings to you all,

Ted and Carol
Pastor Appreciation Gifts

To help with your Pastor and Church Leadership Appreciation Plaques, here are examples of digital proofs for you to enjoy. We are honored for the privilege to serve you with unique Personalized Pastor Appreciation and Christian gifts!



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