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Customer Testimonials!

We have been so blessed by having the honor and privilege of serving so many great Christian friends from all over the world, through our work here at Pastor Appreciation Gifts.
Now, we have the added privilege and honor to share our latest book with you, and here’s the full title:

Modern-Day Psalms
Praise Songs and Love Messages for Your Heart and Soul
From the Heart and Soul of Richard. Vincent. Rose.

The word “Psalms” in the title is actually an acronym, and, in the original context, was capitalized. However, the capitalization just didn’t look right in the final design of the cover, so it’s not capitalized. But, the acronym “Praise Songs And Love Messages” is still there. 
We had so many different ideas for the cover, most featuring a cross with the word “Modern” on the left side of the cross, the word “Day” on the right, and then the word “PSALMS” would be etched down the center. The hyphen between the words would be at the center of the cross: 


would be off to the right of their respective letters. 

However … the publisher sent me the first proof of their design, with the heart and gray background … I had, never, even considered anything other than my cross design … but, when I saw the cover, and the way the heart stood out-especially from a distance … I “got it.” And, loved it.
So, we went with the cover design. That explains the front cover design.

Yes, it took years to write many of the poems here. Some (not many), only minutes.
I still confess that I only held the pen … God sent the words through me … which explains why the book reaches so deep … they are God’s words, and that’s why the words can be “felt.” 
Felt deeply.
Reaching where my words couldn’t go.

Out of gratitude, to express my appreciation to all those who have taken the time to visit Pastor Appreciation Gifts, and so many who have blessed us beyond measure by being our beloved customers, I wanted to give a couple of glimpses into the book, which we will do here. 

I’ll share with you the introduction to the book, which will explain why the book was written, why it was written the way it was, and its mission.
I also include the dedication page from the book, which will give further light into its writing. 
Many of you are familiar with a lot of my work, through the writing on the website. I have included here a link to the contents page of the book, so that you’ll be able to see the titles of all of the poems and stories.
I thought you might like to also see what the press has to say about the book, so I’ve added a link to give you the “official” press release for the book.

We are blessed that the book is available all over the world, through online booksellers. 

Our only goal is to bless and encourage as many people as God allows us to, and certainly, the book God has given us has allowed us the opportunity to do that.

Blessings to you, and your family,

Richard. Vincent. Rose.
Pastor Appreciation Gifts

Order Your Own Copy of Modern-Day Psalms!

Order Your Own Copy of Modern-Day Psalms!


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