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"Thank you so much for a great job!
What an awesome presentation!
My Pastor was so happy, and the
congregation was so delighted.
Many have never seen anything
so unique. Thanks a million for
making our pastor feel special."


Customer Testimonials!

Rest assured, it is so easy to add your own pictures, or your own custom logo, to your personalized appreciation plaque!

First, lets clarify just what a “Logo” is: This is not a picture, as in a “snapshot,” etc. A “Logo” just means something other than a picture of a real person, and most usually is an emblem, image, or design to represent a company, brand, organization, etc. When we use the word “Logo,” we are meaning an image … such as an image of the church, etc., that is used on church stationary, business card, etc.

On each product page which we offer the option of adding your own picture/logo, it really is as simple, and no different, from adding an attachment to your own email!

When you “upload” a picture/logo as part of your order, it appears to us just like an email attachment: What you are doing is just “attaching” a picture/logo to the order, just like you'd add a picture or other attachment to an email-which most of us do every day!

Many of our “Pastor-Church Leadership Plaques” give the opportunity for you to choose whether to use one of our own stock logos, or upload your own picture/logo.

The picture you want to add must already be on your computer. Most images are in the form of a “jpg” already, in order to be added to your computer, and this is the type of image we request.

Many of our plaques have a list of available stock logos. Each stock logo has its own number. If you want to use our logo(s), just type in the number of the logo in the provided box.

Note that some of our plaques give you the option to choose two logos. Just type in your second logo number in the box provided.

If you want us to put your own picture/logo on the plaque, just “Upload Your Image of Picture/Logo.” Simply click on theBrowsebutton, and, just like if you are attaching a picture to an email, a separate window/box will appear (File Upload), in which you will select the exact picture you want to upload. Just select the picture you want, by either double-clicking on the picture name (which will automatically upload the picture to your order), or single click on the name of the picture, and then click on the “open” button inside the box. This will automatically upload your picture to your order.

That's all there is to it! In effect, you are just “emailing” us the picture/logo as an attachment to the order!

Some of our plaques give you the option to upload two of your own pictures. Just repeat the same process in the next box provided for the second upload.

We always ask you for any special instructions, and provide a box where you can type this in.

This gives you the opportunity to tell us how you want the pictures arranged, in relation to the text.

We also always ask you to please give us a “date needed by,” to make absolutely sure your personalized plaque is shipped in time for the presentation.

The process is simple, and it is a great way to design your own personalized plaque.

How much text, how many words, should I put on my plaque?
For proper spacing and overall appearance, it is always best to engrave a reasonable amount of text.
A general rule is that fewer words give more weight to the words used, making the words, and their meaning stand out. Your text should not appear to be crowded, in order to make the overall appearance of your appreciation plaque more elegant, and certainly more “readable.” Always remember that when others read your special plaque, after it is displayed at that “special place,” they will usually have only a few moments to read the entire plaque, and you want them to be able to read it all!
Just think about the times you are visiting someone, and you see a plaque on the wall, desk, or shelf. You normally will notice the “5 W's” we’ve all learned:

1.Whom the award plaque is given.
2.What special event or occasion is being honored.
3.Why the recognition plaque is being given.
4.When the plaque was presented.
5.Who the appreciation plaque is from.

They will also, always notice any special Scripture verse you’ve placed on the plaque, and they will ponder the verse, especially in light of the “5 W's”!
What they read will stay with them … the fewer words, the more they will remember.

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To help with your Pastor and Church Leadership Appreciation Plaques, here are examples of digital proofs for you to enjoy. We are honored for the privilege to serve you with unique Personalized Pastor Appreciation and Christian gifts!



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