10 Commandments for Children
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10 Commandments for Children
10 Commandments for Children: Frame-Medium Stained Oak/Outer Mat-Cream/Inner Mat-Green
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Here is the perfect personalized children’s gift! Calligraphy art that the parents will love as much as the kids!

The Ten Commandments For Children are clearly written in a format which children can understand. The art is colorful and this picture is perfect for both girls and boys, making this an awesome personalized kid’s gift. And, we will add your child’s name to the matting at no additional charge!

This is a personalized children’s gift for their bedroom or playroom, or a wonderful gift for Kid’s Church, Sunday School rooms, or the nursery. It is also a wonderful way to teach children the Ten Commandments, in language they will understand.

The Ten Commandments for Children makes a colorful-and meaningful gift, which you will treasure as much giving, as they will treasure receiving.

Dimensions: 14" X 18"
Dimensions are measured on the innermost part of the frame.


Frame-Dark Brown in Unique "Animal" Design
Outer Mat-Blue Denim
Inner Mat-Ginger Brown
Frame-Medium Stained Oak
Outer Mat-Cream
Inner Mat-Green

Just choose design below.

Price: 96.00
Price includes all packaging, handling, shipping-and personalization!

We will be glad to personalize this artwork for you at absolutely no additional charge! This means that the name and/or a date of your choosing will be hand-lettered on the matting of the artwork. Please provide only the name(s) and date information in the box below.

The scripture/text for "Ten Commandments For Children" is:
"God wants us to love and trust in Him above all things.
God does not want us to use His name to curse, swear, lie or deceive, or use it superstitiously, but call upon God's name in every trouble, pray, praise and give thanks
God does not want us to despise preaching and His Word but regard it as holy, and gladly hear and learn it.
God does not want us to dishonor or anger our parents and others in authority but honor, serve and obey them, and give them love and respect.
God does not want us to hurt or harm our neighbor in his body, but help and be a friend to him in every bodily need.
God wants us to live a pure and decent life in words and actions, and that husband and wife love and honor each other.
God does not want us to take our neighbors money or property or get it by dishonest dealing, but help him to improve and protect his property and business
God does not want us to tell lies about our neighbor, betray him or give him a bad name, but defend him, speak well of him and take his words and actions in the kindest possible way.
God does not want us to scheme to get our neighbors inheritance or house or obtain it by false claims, but do all we can to help him keep it.
God does not want us to force or entice away from our neighbor his wife, workers or animals, but urge them to stay and do their duty."

The Ten Commandments For Children
Available In 2 Designs!

10 Commandments for Children: Frame-Dark Brown in Unique "Animal" Design/Outer Mat-Blue Denim/Inner Mat-Ginger Brown10 Commandments for Children: Frame-Medium Stained Oak/Outer Mat-Cream/Inner Mat-Green


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